Error: DNS record for www.primary.domain doesn't exist


Thank you for your support.

I started having the following error showing on my log every day starting from 22/03/2021.

Error: DNS record for www.primary.domain doesn’t exist

The Aliases WWW is not working and I can’t add any other sub-domain.

I am using Cloudflare on the following settings

The error effected my WordPress website

I tried to disable then enable the SSL from HestiaCP but that didn’t fix the issue.

Can you help me please.

where do you have your dns-servers? the error message is pretty clearly pointing out, that www. can’t be resolved, so something is wrong with your dns settings for that subdomain.

use dig or nslookup to check for etc.

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Hello falzo,

Thank you for your quick response.

The problem was related to the domain name provider and It is fixed now.

I appreciate your support.

Thank you.

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