Fastcgi problem

Hello Hestia team, I have a custom PHP script which is a dynamic website, and I am using a complete NGINX server, and ever since I enabled NGINX fastcgi cache, my website loads super fast and can handle more users.

But the real problem is that when I enable fastcgi cache, dynamic features won’t work properly, which means things like importing a FB account or adding some information won’t update, and frequently logout happens, but when I purge cache, it works smoothly.

So, I have a plan. This means I need fastcgi cache and, at the same time, I need to purge for x minutes. Is there any way I can set a cronjob to purge the NGINX fastcgi cache for all users?

have a look at our docs: v-acknowledge-user-notification — Hestia Control Panel documentation

I’ve already referred to it, but how do I set cronjobs for all domains? In this document, it shows a single domain, right?

v-delete-fastcgi-cache user domain.tld

I cant provide an example, but probaly a short script, looping trough v-list-users, v-list-domains then use v-delete-fcgi-domain should do the job. then just trigger it as admin user.


Thank you

Deleting via cronjob won’t help what if a user “vissit” the page got cached and a other user visit the page.

With an custom template you will be able to setup when a page need to be cached or not