Feature Req: caddyserver as nginx/apache alternative

i think it is possible to use caddyserver as nginx / apache alternative. And here my request integrate this “web” server as install option.

Its an amazing webserver in a single binary. What do you think guys?

EDIT: caddy v2 can also handle nginx conf, so its just compatible with the nginx conf we have?

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As much as I love caddy and use it rather than nginx on all kinds of personal projects, I am not sure this makes sense.
From what I know caddy is optimised for user-friendliness, while nginx is mature and optimized for performance.
The things that make caddy great (short config files, automatic https, …) are mostly not relevant in the context of Hestia, while maturity is essential.

we do not have any intention to support an additional webserver, as it generates a lot of work to support it and also keep it compatible.

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