File manager error

First question: Hello, I am using the new version of hestia cp (1.1.0), but the file manager is not working, I can log in, view the domain folders, but cannot see the files?

Second question: How can I add an SSL certificate to my server IP address? It’s possible?


Filemanager is not released yet, master branch (1.1.0) is beta, the current stable release is on release branch (1.0.6). Please use the stable release for productive systems, master is testing only.

To add a lets encrypt cert please be sure you used a valid hostname during installation, do a dns entry that points to the server ip address and run v-add-letsencrypt-host - this will add you the certificate to backend, mail and ftp services.

Thanks so much, I just didn’t quite understand the answer of my second question. I access the hestia panel through my server ip, the domain is in another user account and dns are in cloudflare, but my server ip is without a security certificate, is it possible to add security certificate to the ip?

Sorry if it sounded flushed, I’m new to the area, thanks!

You can’t add a lets encrypt certificate to a ip address. On the installation process you’ve been asked for a hostname (usualy i use something like web01.domain.tld), then create a dns record for this hostname pointing to your ip - if all set you can run the command above to create a cert for your hostname. After that, just use the hostname instead ip to connect to your server.

Thank you, clarified all my doubts! Have a great day!

When is the next update to include the file manager?

Currently, there is no fixed release date yet.

Hi @darlysson,

Just wanted to provide you with an update regarding the File Manager, after an internal discussion we’ve decided to postpone the feature’s release until a later version due to time constraints and issues that we’ve faced with it not working as expected so that we can ship v1.1.0 in a more timely manner while delivering on our promise of a quality product. I can’t give you an exact date on when the feature will ship right now, but we’ll keep you updated.

@kristankenney any update boss?

Nothing new about the file manager, 1.1.0 is planed for january.

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Looking forward to hear from you soon! hoping to see v1.1.0 ASAP! :smiley:

Here is a tutorial. you may install net2ftp on hestiaCP

Thanks for the tutorial, but I’m looking for a global solution like we have in Vestacp.