File manager not unzipping files

i have a fresh install of Hestia 1.6.10 running on my oracle arm vm - but when i upload files in file manager it will not allow me to unzip them… i’m logged in as admin, they are .tar files, i have tried a few different ones to ensure its not the files… Any help will be greatly appreciated, im a bit of a noob.

Do .zip files work?

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i’ll give 1 a try…

yes, zip files work …

Any ideas? Zips upload and unzip fine… still nothing on .tar files :frowning:

I tried .tar without success. I don’t think it’s supported. Easiest is to just repack the files as .zip.

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Chris is right, tar is currently not supported and we do not have any plans to implement it rn.


Thanks, i’ll give it a go

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