File Manager Unknown Error after update to 1.5.0 Beta


Just to inform some errors in file manager after update Hestia from 1.4.17 to 1.5.0 Beta on Debian 10 VPS.
This error affects all users including admin. Any advice to solve this? Thanks in advance


sshd -T | grep '^port'| cut -d ' ' -f2

Return the ssh port?

Also more information regarding logs would be useful

i tried that and output is like this:
'Match User' in configuration but 'user' not in connection test specification.

I also tried uploading files with Filezilla or FTP client and anything is normal with FTP account of all users, only that File Manager is error when try to use it.

where i can get this log when i entering file manager?

Check your sshd configuration … Good starting point

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