[fixed] DNS records don't exist

Error: DNS record for thefreaks.club doesn’t exist

Under [Web] I have a Web Domain for thefreaks.club with an IP Address of and Alias (pre-populated, I do believe) with www.thefreaks.club

Under DNS I have thefreaks.club with NS records of ns1.flokinet.net just like they said. These are also set at the domain registrar.
A Records point to the IP.
SOA is ns1.flokinet.net

But somehow they don’t exist? I can’t check the “use LE” box.

At some point I added a few subdomains under Web and DNS as separate entries. All with the same info mentioned above plus any other records the software wanted. Should I just delete the DNS Zone and Web Domain and recreate?

Also, what difference does it make if I have all the subdomains listed under the one DNS zone or as entirely separate entries? Just for different Templates?

I don’t quite understand what the “Web Domains” are and I haven’t seen any descriptions for these things in the documentation. :frowning:

I deleted the web domain and DNS zone in hCP and recreated them (under the non-admin account).
Same issue.

For the record, it’s been weeks since I updated the NS with Gandi so that’s not the problem.

Read my thread. this should solve your issue.

DNS is not resolving - Hestia Control Panel

That’s a duplicate to Can't connect via URL, only IP, you need to setup your dns properly.

I contacted my server provider and they told me to use the control panel for my shared hosting service to handle this. I’m not sure why using hCP on the dedicated server wasn’t working.

Wait, so now why did I have to use a different panel to do what I’m trying to do with this one?

I don’t quite understand. It seems like other people are able to use Hestia. The intention of this control panel is to be… well, just that. I’m hesitant to say “replacement”.

I don’t know it is currently setup but probably there went something wrong on the setup of the DNS on your site…

flokinet.net is probally your provider and as you didn’t change the name server to your own domain it will still point to the server controlled by your provider. We can’t change it…

Yeah, I don’t think they offer our own nameservers.
When I paid for the dedicated server, somewhere I did read that my nameservers were going to be ns1.thefreaks.club & ns2. … but that never worked so I asked and they just said to use the ones I’m currently using.
Seems odd to me. :man_shrugging:t3: Otherwise, I have no complaints.

  1. Your own nameservers eg:ns1.thefreaks.club is not something you server provider will configure for you (or have any power over) in general, that is something you have to configure/request at the domain registrar, “gandi” in your case.
    The only exception would be if the domains registrar is the same as the server provider, but it isn’t the case here.

  2. Web domain are just websites served by Nginx or Apache

  3. Please clarify what you want to accomplish, from you initial post your DNS config is wrong

this most likely is a regular misunderstanding of the concept with domains and nameservers.

when registering a domain you need to provide information about which nameserver actually hold all informations/entries. most domain registrars will provide nameservers for you and you have to manage everything there, at least in the beginning.

if you want to use your own nameserver, obviously you have to provide that info correctly there - and it usually can not be a subset of the very same domain, because how you want find the nameserver to resolve the IP of the nameserver if you cannot resolve the IP of the nameserver without resolving the IP of the nameserver…

so either stick with your domain registrars nameservers (that’s most likely what they were suggesting). ot make sure that the authorative nameservers delegate properly to your server as nameserver for your domain :wink:

Thanks guys.
I contacted my server provider and have a workaround of just using “other panel” from a shared webhost account I have with them. It’ll do for now. Once I get everything else setup, I’ll come back to this. Until then, I’ll just make DNS related changes in both panels so Hestia is ready when it’s needed.

For the record, all my information was correct aside from using, as per their original requirement/suggestion, their nameservers. I am not able to configure them on my dedicated server and must control the DNS records elsewhere.
I’ll re-read the above two comments later on.

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