Forced automatic logouts from HestiaCP

I have a User Account from KuJoe’s of He is using a HestiaCP Panel. Previous to HestiaCP he was running VestaCP and I never had any issue with forced automatic logouts.

I’m fairly experienced in creating and running my own VestaCP. I had a similar issue with a MyVestaCP Panel that I created with Debian three days ago. Not only did it automatically logout forcefully in the panel, but also in the MyVestaCP discussion forum. Then after lots of research trying to locate the issue, I found that if I ticked the “remember me” option of the Forum login page, that I no longer had any forced logouts from the Forum.

So now how do I create something similar for the HestiaCP panel? Is there a way that the developers could add an option in the login of the panel for a “remember me” function?

Note that with MyVestaCP the problem is not serious, as I’m still able to create a database and do the basic installation of domains and DNS. But with the HestiaCP User Account, I’m unable to work with the panel, as it reverts to the login page after EVERY action.

Please note the forced logout has nothing to do with the 60 minutes cut off timing. The forced logout happens after EVERY step. For example when I try to create a database and click on “save” HestiaCP reverts to the first page of the login asking for the user name. The worst part for me is that it then forgets the “save”, so I can basically not create a database. Nor use the panel. Until this problem has been solved.

I’m sure there must be some solutions on the user account side as well? Like would it be possible to create a config file and save it to the correct HestiaCP panel folder? I’m not experienced on the developer side, but if it is possible, exactly where would one create that config file, what would the script wording be, and how would one save it in the panel?

If you use Cloudflare or behind any other proxy it might cause issues as we store the full chain of ip’s in the session