Forward ip to domain?

Goodmorning everyone,
I’m a newby from hestiacp, sorry if I ask maybe simple things, but I can’t find the solution
I installed hestiacp and created a couple of domains and created wordpress pages. Everything works perfectly. Hestia is a great system.
I would like to disable access directly to the ip site and forward to a domain: for example to
or to
is it possible?

currently at my I can see this:

/etc/nginx/conf.d/ip.conf is handling the ip pages. You can add an rewrite to it or when you go to html docroot in there you might you can change it so you forward it with html

May cause for strange behaviour…

Thanks Eris!
I saw that with each update the configuration must be rewritten.
The best solution, without strange behaviors, do you think is to prevent access to the ip address and access hestiacp from one of the domains?

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