Ftp no show logs (web/example.com/logs)


I’m reaching out to you with an issue regarding FTP. When I log in (using any FTP account), I can’t see the log files in /web/mywebsite.com/logs. This includes both the error and the other logs. The same problem occurs with new FTP accounts. How can this be resolved?


Hello @raptor666,

FTP logs are not saved per user and the log is here /var/log/vsftpd.log


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Hello Sahsanu!

I don’t mean the ftp log, but the apache log for websites. They are there, only the storage cannot be reached with ftp. But they are there.
When adding a new website, I go there with ftp and the files are not visible. I go there with SSH, the files are there and can be downloaded.

The first picture is from ftp. I’m showing you a picture of SSH.

The owner of the link is the customer’s hestia username. However, you still can’t see it with ftp. (First picture).


It links to wards /var/log/webserver/domains/ and the user doesn’t have permissions to open it …

Yes, and how can it be improved, if I add a new user it should also be good? Because here hestiacp doesn’t have enough chmod on his ftp, since the problem is also with a new client that he doesn’t see it even with a new account.

You can access logs via “List” web → Binoculars it gives you the full list of logs …

No, clients’ own logs are not accessed via ftp. In this way, they do not see the website’s php errors, if e.g. There is a 500 error.

at /var/log/apache2/domains
The files are owner: www-data groups: hestia username, and ssh check for /home/hestiausername/web/example.com/logs/ and show for links, but no show hestiausername ftp account. If /var/log/apache2/domains/example.com.log chmod 777, it is not visible even with plain ftp. Not at any domain. default chmod: 640, chmod for dir: /var/log/apache2/domains 751 and owner & group root.