Functionality request API handler JSON/XML

Hello All,

I am looking something for my website and could not find anywhere maybe you could assist and indicate where to look for.
I though if it is implemented in Hestiacp could be very useful.

The functionality:

  • Generate a service link POST and/or GET with JSON/XML/Report CRUD/UI based on SQL query
  • Generate Application with Key generator for security and possibility to select services available within the application
  • Be able to handle 3rd party JSON to feed-in information to the databases available
  • Be able to handle different datafields and covert vise-versa for example date int(10) unix to date (ddmmyy)
  • Be able to generate an internal UI based on JSONs added
  • Be able to handle multi-user access levels to manage the application

thank you

I don’t think this has anything to do with Hestia. You could install Yii2 or Laravel (or any other good PHP framework) on one of your accounts and implement exactly what you need. Both Yii2 or Laravel are not too hard to learn if you know your way around PHP and are willing to spend some time learning specific framework rules.