Held back packages and nginx-extras -> fastcgi_cache_purge

Hi All,

Well, i’m finding my way around hestia CP more and more, editing templates alot more and adding some custom stuff like phpcache through include.

Anyway, now i’ve setup fastcgi_cache but the last part i’d like to setup is the purging part.
Therefore I need to install nginx_extras or the purge module for nginx…
When i try to install nginx_extras it ofcourse throws away nginx first and installs nginx_extras.
Will this break hestia? or will hestia just stay compatible.

Another thing i’ve got questions about, can i update the current packages that are held back like php7.3-fpm.
and more like php7.3-opcache.

Thanks in advance for the quick replies!

Hey @Machiel92, glad you like Hestia so far :wink:

for your question regarding nginx-extras, I am quite certain that an upgrade will work without problems. Though I have never done this, I don’t see, why this should break anything. in the end it’s more or less just another meta package with more modules, so you don’t lose anything at all.

also apt won’t overwrite configs without asking, so that probably is the only point, where you’d want to monitor closely what’s happening during the install… of course I can’t recommend trying things like that on a production system though.

for the php package question, I wonder why you have packages held back at all. normally should not happen, but might depend on your setup/repos you use etc.

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