Hestia as only emails services

Hello, I would like to configure hestia to ONLY provide mail services (webmail, imap / pop3 / smtp, dkim, ssl). Do you have any particular recipe? I have tried to install nginx + exim + dovecot + mysql + proftpd + bind + spamassasin but when I want to use the webmail it gives me the following error:
“400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large”
I would not like to install apache if it is not necessary for the configuration I need.
PS: The nginx configuration also brings me problems, since it does not put the port in the domain configuration file and I have to add it by hand. This happens when I create them or when I activate the ssl.
Ubuntu 18.04 + hestia 1.0.6

Can you share your installation string?

bash hst-install.sh -f -a no -v no -j yes -c no

Basicly -f should not be needed, can you please write out the commands? On mobile here.