Hestia CP and Jetbackup Linux Version

So i try jetbackup with hestiacp and overall i’m satisfied , yes i know hestiacp have a build-it backup, but i need to backup my database every 30min , so i choose jetbackup.

Disadvantage, unlike cpanel , directadmin that you can access jetbackup from your cpanel account. you need to access it on separate link.

Maybe you could set a Cron to perform a mysqldump every 30 minutes.

HestiaCP is a very small team and we are currently unable to fulfil such kind of requests due to lack of time / other priorities…

If I have to choose between “Jetbackup” support or ipv6 it will be the last one …

Also we are not a fan of including closed source software in “HestiaCP”

No , No I’m just sharing that jetbackup and hestiacp work ok , i’m not asking to include it on hestiacp backend …

Hehehe just sharing my experience using hestiacp and jetbackup

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