Hestia CP overwrites apache and nginx configs on updates or on backup restores

The default site root is
However I need to set document roots for some sites to other directories
For example /home/admin/web/{DOMAIN_NAME}/public_html/docroot

So I edit apache and nginx configs in the appropriate directoryes /home/admin/conf/web/{DOMAIN_NAME}

Also I may make other settings in apache configs.

But after backup restore as well as after Hestia CP update each config is turned to default template, so all changes made in configs are lost.

First of all, did you read the first few lines in this configs?

Secondly, you should not run anything under admin user.

Proceed with custom templates for your custom doc roots: Web domains and SSL Certicates — Hestia Control Panel documentation

How hard is to read?

Option 1:

Use a custom template

Option 2:

Use custom docroot function:

thank you all for the explanations

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