HESTIA is blocked by a new network security system

Our university is installing a new security system on its campus network that blocks HESTIA.
Is there a way to overcome such a problem?

Our version v1.6.8.
Thank you

Your question is far too vague to be able to answer. Have you tried speaking with your university network security team?

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Thank you linkp
Yes the question is vague., even to me :slight_smile:
We have not spoken with the security team but we hope to get some hint before that.

BTW, yesterday we upgarded from v1.4.17 to v1.6.8. Almost 100% sure that v1.4.17 worked well with the new security system.

If its port filtering, you have to speak with them. From 1.4.7 to 1.6.7/1.6.8 there are no network related changes.

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Thank you SciT

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