Hestia Nginx Cache settings

i have installed hestiacp with a light wordpress installation as described here including cloudflare dns settings:

Moreover i have installed the “Hestia Nginx Cache” plugin and set everything:

Access key
Secret key
Hestia username
Domain to purge

all set according to hestiacp settings.

I am not sure what are the correct settings for:

  • Server hostname
  • Server port

I have set server port to 8083. But what is the server hostname? i tried entering my domainname, but i think this is not correct.

When i am in the wordpress setting of the “Hestia Nginx Cache” plugin and try to purge cache, I am getting error: “The Hestia Nginx Cache could not be purged!”

Could you help me?

Use your server hostname or server. With Cloudlfare it will always block by default

thanks a lot for clarification about hostname. it was the hostname setting in the vpn-dashboard, not the settings in hestiacp.

i was now able to purge the cache in the wordpress settings.

regarding cloudflare, what do you mean it blocks by default?

i would go to setup cloudflare similar like @desp has described his tweak of hestia template file here, so that cloudflare will cache the files. do you think that this will interfere with the nginx wordpress cache plugin?