Hestia not sending any Emails


Installed latest Hestia version on a freshly installed Ubuntu 20.04
Everything went OK except that Hestia is not sending any Emails.
Not sending when creating a new user nor lost password.
Not sending from default Roundcube if I host a Mail domain on Hestia
Prestashop installed on it, not sending Emails neither (using the PHP mail feature I think)

Exim seems to be started

Is there a log I could check to understand what’s happening?

Actually I don’t know if not sending but for sure I’m not receiving

Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog

Port 25 blocked by accident?

That! Some VPS/Server providers, block by default port 25. Check with your host that this is not the case.

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Using Vultr
Don’t know if they’re blocking
I’ll check with them

But just thinking : port 25 closed would mean impossible to RECEIVE mails not to send
If I host a mail domain I can receive messages, no problem

Receiving mail will still work normally only out going mail port is blocked…

The world needs defense from spam and your provider from bad reputation in their ip sets.

That’s why they block your outgoing port 25. Send a support ticket just to be sure.

That was it, outgoing blocked by Vultr
They’ve just release it and working now
Thanks for your help :wink: