HestiaCP 1.3.1 RC

Hello, @everyone! We’re currently finishing up Hestia Control Panel 1.3.1, and if all goes well we plan to release the final build early next week to our apt repository for all users. But we need your help to put it through some final testing and catch any last minute bugs which may impact the upgrade experience, so we ask that if you are able to do so, please download and install the release candidate build on a test system and report your results.

If you encounter a serious issue or error, file an issue report on GitHub at https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/issues so that it can be properly tracked by our development team.

Download & Install instructions:
# Change to root home or any other directory
cd /root

# Download the precompiled packages 
# VERSION: Debian: 9, 10 | Ubuntu: 1604, 1804 or 2004
wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hestia_1.3.1~RC_amd64.deb

# Install the hestia control panel package:
dpkg -i hestia_1.3.1~RC_amd64.deb

# Cleanup packages
rm hestia_1.3.1~RC.deb

Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day,
:heart: The Hestia Control Panel development team