HestiaCP + FileManager Sprut.io. Problem on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi! I really liked to use instead of the built-in file manager in HestiaCP an alternative: SPRUT.io
It worked fine in all versions, including Ubuntu 20.04. It stopped working in Ubuntu 22.04. The authorization of users created in HestiaCP does not work.
In the latest version of Ubuntu 22.04 users created in HestiaCP are no longer automatically authorized through the file manager SPRUT.io. Authorization does not work.
At the same time the server administrator is authorized without problems.
The SPRUT.io file manager has not been updated for a very long time. If you install HestiaCP + SPRUT.io on the penultimate version - Ubuntu 20.04 - everything works fine. Users created in HestiaCP are logged in without any problems.
Maybe someone has encountered a similar problem or knows the solution?