Hestiacp + ngx_cache_purge dymanic nginx module

Hi, Hestia support,

I searched a lot on this forum for a way to enable FastCGI cache purging on wp post update,
and unfortunately, this version of hestiacp Nginx doesn’t come with support for "ngx_cache_purge " Nginx module,

so I recompiled Nginx with "ngx_cache_purge " as a dynamic module.

and put the generated “ngx_http_cache_purge_module.so” on /etc/nginx/nginx.conf as below :

load_module modules/ngx_http_cache_purge_module.so;

and installed Nginx Helper on my WordPress
but it doesn’t purge the cache, even if I pressed on button “purge entire cache” from Nginx helper plugin page

so is there something I miss putting in Nginx config file or Nginx WordPress template to make things work?

You need an custom nginx template to get it working will share it when I am at home

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As promised

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please explain i’m noob
what do you mean by custom nginx template ?
what should i do to get purge cache work ?

You need put all files to:

And then in hestia panel select correct template for vhost.

If you are a noob you should not try it…

Way to complicated…

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