HestiaCP upgrades changes mail passwords


after HestiaCP upgrade, passwords of mails are changed. Has someone met this problem? This server was new and passwords were recovered from VestaCP conf files into the user /home dir file config. Shluod we fix them via the interface? How can we check this won’t happen again after another upgrade.
Also, upgrade backup folders under /root are empty. Shouldn’t upgrade script keep .conf files in thos folders for problems like these?


Hi tecob

No one has reported any issues about it, also I do not saw such a issue on my systems (upgraded a few servers after 1.0.5 release).

I don’t realy understand, how you recovered them - if you just copied the files from backup to /home, it is possible, that they will get overwritten during mail rebuild. The password are stored in $HESTIA/data/users. If you restore a system, you can just restore the vesta backup. And yes, if you reset the passwords over interface, it should be saved to the user files.

Conf files will only be saved, if they will be overwritten during the upgrade script. Usualy, the upgrade routine triggers a rebuild for web and mail domains, so this would overwrite “custom” configs, if not set properly in templates.


ok, then fixing via UI should do the trick.
Passwords were not ‘recovered’ but copied, my mistake. I suppose this created the problem.
In any case, I have disabled auto update and will update manually next time to be sure everything is ok, as I have fixed passwords via UI now.
thans @SciT.

Have you tried to use v-restore-user script to migrate from Vesta to Hestia?