HestiaCP Wish List

Here is my Wishlist for the Fantastic HestiaCP,
although my wishes may not be the same as everyone else’s but I figure I would document it on the forums.
I understand most or all of these wishes may not be implemented and I don’t want to put any obligation on any of the developers to do so, just wishes

I’m curious of other peoples Wishlists

HestiaCP Wishlist


  • Add Auto-Discover support
  • Add Active-Sync support
  • Add [email protected] tagging support
  • CardDav, CalDav App select similar to webmail select option
  • Delegated Email access and impersonation support for admins of domain
  • user, domain, and global whitelist and blacklist support
  • user, domain, and global Spam filter setting
  • Ability to Restore Individual User mailboxes
  • user, domain, global policy on permanently deleting trashed and junk email every 30 days
  • user, domain, global policy on email archiving to send email to an archive server
  • Replace Spam Assassin with RSPAM

File Manager

  • By default start in logged in users web folder when file manager is accessed even if they do have full shell access
  • add tar.gz extraction support to file manager
  • when copying or moving is selected automatically start in the directory of the files you want to move or copy


  • Rename public_html to public
  • When Adding Web Domains and Create DNS Zone is checked reveal the DNS template option
  • When deleting a Web Domain show checkbox options to delete the Mail and DNS if they exist
  • Incremental Backup support
  • White Label Support (Change Logo and panel name)
  • Subdomain panel access panel.domain.tld
  • Firewall Single Click Whitelist IP support
  • WebAuthn support (Yubikey, hardware keys) 2 factor or single login support
  • Increase PHP defaults to work well with more apps such as Nextcloud.
  • Ability to Set Host Lets Encrypt in setting on the web Control Panel
  • Migrate Domains and DBs to User option in UI
  • Give each user thier own MariaDB Instance which would eliminate the db name to have the user prefix in front and should make it easier to migrate to new users with domains that have a SQL DB attached


  • PostgreSQL which also removes pgsqladmin
  • Awstats
  • Remove the Multiple IP Address Feature, one IP per hestia Instance
  • Remove Default DNS Entries: ftp, imap, webmail, pop, smtp
  • Remove FTP support
  • Remove Ubuntu Support and only support Debian less releases and less maintenance only support Debian (Note I currently use Ubuntu so I would have to migrate but it would make sense)
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The three are good.

That could break many scripts


I already asked for it.

That could also lead to deploy WordPress installs in staging and production.

porridge… return v1.3.5 + remove FM + remove quickinstall + replace SA with RSPAM + update software + fix/finish = perfect panel.

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Already possible …

@johnny I think you got it all wrong. This project is Open Source …



  1. Ipv6 support
  2. PHP-FPM pool data changeable settings to be changed at domain level without new templates
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Hestia is an Open source project. Currently we provide this awesome software to everybody. In return for this awesome software we don’t ask anything from anybody. So instead of asking new features maybe consider developing it.

If you need a new feature you can always develop it and submit it via a Pull request.

A lot of our developers don’t use email hosted on Hestia servers.

File manager had a lot of limitations how ever unless we develop our own not a lot of improvements will come. Issue is only time / manpower…

Create a feature request it makes sense if DNS is enabled…

Access via panel.domain.com instead panel.domain.com:8083 is possible


Single Sign On support has been added for phpmyadmin from Hestia. Webmail we voted against it… For panel. You have so many security concerns…

We should create the possibility to set certain limits in php-fpm.conf

If you set up your server correctly SSL will create on install and not manual again…

Never needed so far to use it once it does not make sense to create a functions that has so limited use…

MariaDB is quite memory intensive it makes no sense for most users…

Don’t install it then… MariaDB is often not a replacement for PostgreSQL…

Removing doesn’t make sense. I do agree improvements are needed

Removing without a replacement option makes no sense …

Makes no sense as ipv6 is a needed …

Don’t install FTP on install. I do agree SFTP access for additional accounts is a nice add-on…

Will never happen…


I think it is unwise to have so many suggestions all in the same forum post. It would have been much better to pick two or three things that matter most and then have a discussion on the pros and cons of them - and then do a separate post for two or three other topics.

I mainly want to thank the developers for this terrific panel. In my opinion, it is the best panel in the world and you do not have to do anything else. It is already terrific just the way it is.

However, in terms of getting rid of things, I support replacing spam assassin with RSPAM.

Although some may hate me for this, I also support getting rid of clam-av - mainly because in my opinion, it does very little and it uses one entire GB of RAM. Using that much RAM is in my opinion ridiculous. I am aware that I can just delete clam-av from the install and that is what I do. But I really see know reason for clam-av in the first place despite having studied clam-av for years.

I also think that the Hestia File Manager should keep public_html. Changing this folder to the name public would cause complete havoc.

I used to use Ubuntu (for the past 10 years). But a year ago, I switched to Debian and I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Debian is much better and much easier to use now than it was 10 years ago. I would at least encourage people to try Debian and I want to thank the developers for supporting Debian.


Every time I see a topic/feature request like this I think, users forget that this is not CPanel and it free software.

For 100 accounts they charge almost 50 dollar a month. If they have 100 000 client it will mean the can spend about 5 000 000 dollar / month on support / development and have a profit. We don’t have the possibilities so forget it…

There are currently around 11k servers on the “internet” running HestiaCP. So developing a feature request for a function to help 1 user save xx minutes of time doesn’t add up.

For example: Feature Request: Ability to add public SSH key(s) via web interface for users · Issue #701 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub

Was added by me because there was a need for it. (Before I was part of Hestia) And this is often the best way to add a feature.

If I have to spend 1 / 2 days on a new feature it needs tick of at least of 2 / 3 for:

  1. It speed up some thing / Improve a lot of stability
  2. I use it …
  3. A lot of users want it… (Ipv6 for example)
  4. It makes things easier

For example:

Was added within 2 days because:

  1. I would love faster backups
  2. Smaller / faster Backups and it may save disk space

Our base development team is currently very small. One of the active developers had enough of it and “left”.

If you check Github you will see that 90% of commits are done by me and even I have not enough time to do some basic bug fixes

I am currently working about 25 to 30 hour a week on this project and the current income of Hestia is nothing more than 100 euro in a month. And for ipv6 a lot of more hours need to be invested into it…

If you don’t like it you have 4 options:

  1. Submit changes via a pull request
  2. Fork Hestia and develop your own panel. Build your own packages and so on.
  3. Stick with it and accept that no changes are made.
  4. Or use a other panel. There are 1000 other options that suite your needs. Paid and maybe free ones

Sorry @eris I went out of line here.

I appreciate the work you do on this project.
Your right bugs are more important than features and I just got out of hand without thinking about the people that develop HestiaCP.

I would love to do pull requests but i’m not at that skill level yet however I’ll continue to provide meaningful bug reports and help solves issues on the forums and github issues when I can.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Personally I think Hestia is awesome and is a base to make your own edits and improvements.

I know alot of users like me have limited or no experience in developing PHP, java etc and want an out of the box solution that suits there needs but not everyone has the same requirements.

I have just bought a new home server for the purpose of learning PHP etc and messing about with Hestia.


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