Hostname not appearing after successful installation

Hey guys, am a total newbie here. For reference, I am using vultr running debian 10 and installing hestia via the official website’s instructions. Let’s say my domain is mydomain .com. I have pointed A records of @, www and panel to my vultr server’s ip address.

Hence, during the installation i indicated the admin email as [email protected] .com as well as panel.mydomain .com as the hostname. However, after successful installation, it says that the admin url is just my ip address through port 8083 instead of panel.mydomain .com:8083 which is the case for most tutorials out there.

Hence, may I know if I’m missing any links be it from my DNS, server, domain or literally anything else. Thanks in advanced!

You may connect to the panel through:

You also need to point or edit your hosts file accordingly.