How can I add UFW Nginx profiles? : ‘Missing package(s): nginx’ error

I want to allow to nginx profiles but here is no nginx application profiles on ufw app list. How can I add? I get error when I install ghost CMS. May be this problem is caused by firewall or Hestiap’s nginx configuration.

System checks failed with message: ‘Missing package(s): nginx’

sudo ufw app list

Dovecot IMAP
Dovecot POP3
Dovecot Secure IMAP
Dovecot Secure POP3

Also you can check my installation issue for ghost CMS on ubuntu server that is installed HestiaCP ( Nginx, php-fm)

Hestia doesnt support ufw, please use the iptables firewall shipped by default.

Thank you. I installed Ghost CMS on Centos7 server that is installed Vestacp. Now I moved my server to ubuntu and hestiacp web panel. I get error while I am installing Ghost CMS because of ‘Missing package(s): nginx’ error. Is there any relation with HestiaCP or is it about Ghost? Do you have any idea?

I never used ghost cms, but hestia is for sure installed when you’re using the default install stack.

I tend to say, that it is probaly a ghost cms issue.

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Thank you. I will probably wait for updating of Ghost CLI :frowning: