How do Geo Lists - firewall work?

I just checked my firewall banned IP addresses and theres loads from China and Iran even tho I have a geo list setup for china.

Just how does the firewall IP list work for Geo locations like china?

Not had anything to report for ages, think you cracked it with the last bunch of updates great work, this is more for my information more than anything, I get it still has to show the banned IP addresses for reporting sake when its automatically added to a geo banned address list.

I will look at updating the file with these ipaddresses later because the weather is lovely today and the garden looks so inviting today lol

What’s the url of your china geo list?

I just used the ones supplied by hestiacp in the firewall ip lists section.

I have emailed the companies that own the ip addresses and reported the abuse of them so i hope they stop using them ones, the iranian ip addresses are owned by a company that ssl certificate is not valid for there website so you get errors so it looks abit dodgy to me

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