How fully reinstall roundcube

Hi! My roundcube sql-database corrupt for my mistake and i dont have dumps for restore. Now i want fully reinstall roundcube. Can somebody tell me best way for it? Thanks.

Currently not supported with 1.3.5 (Current version) it will get added in 1.4.0

Ok. Can i fully uninstall roundcube and install rainloop?

You can install rainloop on a web domain if needed. We will add support for rainloop and Update roundcube to the last version in the next version.

An option would be to update to the dev version with

v-update-sys-hestia-git hestiacp main install and then run the manual update script in

Its perfectly! New roundcube so amazing…

But i resolved in little different order:

  1. download bash script ‘’ - its script fully uninstall roundcube.
  2. upgrade hestia cp by v-update-sys-hestia-git hestiacp main install

Thank you for good support!

not a good idea at all!!! You’re now on the instable main branch, we do not suggest it to run on productive systems at all.

yes, i understand. i used only for test projects.


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