How to ignore fastCGI cache of home page?

How to ignore fastCGI cache of home page?

You need to make custom rule for it. By why would you home page benefit the most from it…

My site has a lot of new posts per day and the new posts are not always displayed on the home page for readers due to the FastCGI cache.

If I set refresh cache too early example 5 minutes so the system will clear cache of all the posts/pages and if there are thousand of posts on my site, it will increase the CPU and RAM…

Please advise

Yes! That’s the thing with the cache.

You want the static content to be created once and the rest needs to be refreshed,

I have already provided multiple options that can do it with the disadvantages / advantages. I am not going to tweak Nginx config for free. You might want to put some effort in…

I just found the solution without clearing all the cache or clearing the home page cache.

After posting a new article, you should right-click on the link of that post and open it in a new inPrivate window (so you’re seeing the post as a guest). Then back to the home page and refresh, you will see the new post there.

That means all your visitors will see the new post on the home page.

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