How to run a Docker Image

Hi -

I’ve been reading about different topics on this forum about how to run a docker image. Is it possible to have a step-by-step guide?

Thanks in advance…

From team side, we can’t provide a atep by step tutorial, there are enough available on the internet - then use just a custom template.

But you could make a step by step guide and share it here so other people may benefit from it.

EDIT: I meant to answer @iramireze not ScIT

Please go ahead then, thank you!

Yes offcourse we can. If somebody is willing to pay our salaries for the time that we invest in this project then we can spend the 20 min time explaining how to find set up a docker and how to run it. But currently nobody has offered us anything substantial and we need to set our priorities.

Template linked in: NGINX Reverse proxy for Docker app - #12 by zip should work fine if you modify port number and disable ssl if need.

How to setup a Docker and run the image look up any image you want to use and read the documents. For the exception of the templates HestiaCP has no intergration with Docker it self but it can be installed on the same server as HestiaCP with out any issues. We do it currently for our Forum as well…

Also read Please read this, before you start!

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