How to set up a new admin user with SSH access in HestiaCP?

I am trying to add a new user with SSH.

I have added a user with admin role (sudo)
and then notice under advanced I have SSH Access and a dropdown

Which one should I choose if someone is using PuTTY as the client ?

And then what is the procedure ?
Under Manage SSH Keys - Add a key is a Private key ?

  • so does the user need to create the keys or do I, the administrator

Is there a tutorial for doing this ?

The only tutorials I can find are for setting this up with out HestiaCP
I need to find out how to do it WITH HestaCP

Thanks for any help.

The dropdown is to choose the shell used on the command line. Just choose bash if you don’t have a preference.

For ssh logins, you need to place the user’s public key on the server.


Never give sudo permissions to an Hestia user!

For the same reason why admin should never been used hosting websites!

Thanks for your comments.

However, the question hasn’t been answered :frowning:

Does the new user create the keypair on their onw machine so that they have
the private key ? ( Maybe using PuTTY keygen )

and then the User gives ME the public key to enter into that box ???

I made a little video …

If someone can help a bit more, that would be great.


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