How to setup domain with SSL & Cloudflare

Hi all,

I am a total newbie to this control panel and not an IT guru so I am sorry for these questions which must be pretty obvious to solve.

I have a new VPS and I am planning to still use managed MS exchange mail hosting at my old webhost.
Maria Databases and nginx webserver run on the new server. I am planning to use cloudflare cdn and name servers over SSL provided by cloudflare.

I have 1 ip on my VPS currently and I setted web domain to that like other web domain was made by installer as mycompany.tld

DNS domain part is currently empty.

So how should I accomplish this aka keeping mx email at old webhost and routing webtraffic through cloudflare over https to that vps ip?

Sorry again for these newbie questions but I want to make it right at the first time because email and our web shop can not have downtime.

newbie question are not a problem BUT if you “can not have downtime” simply don’t do it yourself. there is no offense meant, it simply is prone to fail and DNS updates involved here might take time and are not directly in your hands.

in Hestia you only setup your web-domain and database and migrate those from your old host.

if you use cloudflare service as authoritive nameservers you have to do all the IP related settings in their panel and not within Hestia. so you would point your MX still to MS exchange (settings are described at Microsoft) and the normal A record would point to cloudflare. in cloudflares cdn/ssl/proxy setting you finally set the IP from your VPS to send everything over.

again, most likely that’s not achievable without a bit of downtime so rather plan a proper maintenance window and have someone doing it, who’s knowledgable already and can train you directly. otherwise this is prone to fail from the beginning :wink:


I know there will be some downtime but I have some server administration experience but 15 years have gone by without me to be done that. So I am kind of a old newbie :laughing:

Thanks for your help.