How to turn proxy_ip.tpl off by default?

could you tell pls what “proxy_ip” template for?
i’m using nginx+php-fpm and as i understand this tpl applied by default without options vie panel, but with this tpl applied it is hard to set right ssl redirects so i just delete /etc/nginx/conf.d/xx.xx.xx.xx.conf file and rewrite ports at domain directly (8080 to 80 and 8443 to 443) in order redirects to work properly.
may you explain why do we need it and may be there is some way to handle it by default? thx

I don’t know what is that template for but I can tell you that you can:

  • clone the template file
  • edit it
  • and use it if you find it convenient
  • without risks

It is used to generate /etc/nginx/conf.d/x.x.x.x.conf incase you have nginx+apache2

Don’t know why it there

Yes it is for apache. CP installs itself by default with both configs and it is not good.
I think it must be the choice what web server to use in case where it is nginx running (apache or php-fpm) but not run it simultaneously.