How to uninstall the file manager?

How to avoid installing file manager?


You can’t how ever you are able to disable it via the command


In a future release there will be a UI switch to enable/disable the File Manager. We’ll share more information when it’s available.

May I ask why you want to remove the File Manager?

because I don’t need that bs and wanted an option to get rid of it :grin:

It might a fallback/rescue thing, but I don’t see why anyone would prefer a sluggish webinterface relying on php and stuff for handling their files over proper and easy solutions like winscp :man_shrugging:

Just my 2 cents though :wink:


Totally agree with you about WinSCP and proper solutions, but just imagine for a minute a clueless person about protocols and programs, who is only capable of following a 4 bullet max instruction email, about how to add a PDF file on their web site :wink:

You, I and most of the people in here, are probably never gonna use it for serious or any kind of work. But if the FM poses no threat to security or is not slowing anything down, I see no reason to remove it. That’s why I asked :slight_smile:


Of course I agree, if it does not hurt and is optional or removable I have nothing against it :laughing::laughing::laughing: