How to use v-add-sys-roundcube to upgrade to a current version of roundcube


I thought I would be able to upgrade roundcube to any new version using v-add-sys-roundcube.

There is a new stable roundcube version out there: 1.5.

Unfortunately v-add-sys-roundcube gives back:

Error: Installed version (1.4.11) is equal to the available version (1.4.11)

Is there anything to be prepared before using v-add-sys-roundcube?

Thank you for your assistance!

  • Step 1: nano /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/upgrade.conf
  • Step 2: Modify rc_v=“1.4.9” to rc_v=“1.5.0”
  • Step 3: run /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-sys-roundcube
  • Step 4: Don’t complain when you update when to Hestia 1.4.18 that it get reverted
  • Step 5: Don’t complain if something is broken…

Hi @eris ,

Thank you! Steps 1 to 3 worked very well. The new version works, too!

Thank you for the information of step 4.

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