Http-to-https redirection on domains on different users enables itself

I monitor all the domains on my server because of a weird bug that I’m not sure where it originates from. Essentially every domain I have has a let’s encrypt certificate and is behind cloudflare dns. This works great most of the time. However there is a setting in the ssl section that is a checkbox that says Enable automatic http-to-https redirection that I have to leave disabled or else it causes infinite redirects due to what cloudflare does. In monitoring my domains I get notified when something goes wrong and I have had consistent occurrences where the server will enable those boxes for random domains on my server which then causes those domains to go offline. And logging in and disabling the check box and saving sure enough brings the website back online.

I’m not sure why that checkbox is enabling itself and seemingly random times and domains. It has been rather consistent occurring at ~10:30pm PST or so lately

Known bug

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Subscribed on GitHub. Glad it is being looked into.


is the bug in 1.3.1 fixed or how do I solve the problem?

Fixed and released in 1.3.1, yes ->

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