I can't add ssl to a mail domain

Hi Guys,

I have a problem when I try to enable SSL on a mail domain using HestiaCP Web UI

I can access Roundcube from https://superservidor.cl/webmail OK

But I can’t access Roundcube from https://webmail.superservidor.cl

I have a DNS A record named webmail.superservidor.cl already pointing to my server IP

Mail section URL : https://hosting.superservidor.cl:8083/list/mail/
Mail section image: https://snipboard.io/1bcmN9.jpg

Could someone tell me what can I do to solve it?

Please ?



You need to enable ssl for this domain, to get webmail.domain.tld working. Just click on edit mail, then tick the ssl lets encrypt box.

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Thanks a lot. Now It worked !

I think that the problem was generated due to the slow propagation of the DNS A record pointing webmail.domain.tld to my server IP.

Based on your screenshot, you hadnt enabled ssl, so webmail.domain.tld is not enabled then.

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How do this via cli?


For control pannel


see v-add-letsencrypt-host

For mail domains

/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-add-letsencrypt-user username

Have to update using [dot] for .


Getting the following error:

Error: DNS record for webmail[dot]hestia[dot]example[dot]com doesn't exist

In Windows, I can literally use the DNS name to query itself, which the mail “app” shows doesn’t exist.

nslookup webmail[dot]hestia[dot]example[dot]com webmail[dot]hestia[dot]example[dot]com
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    webmail[dot]hestia[dot]example[dot]com
Address:  192[dot]3[dot]

Hi @arktex54

Hestia does the same like you did on your windows machine. Can you run it on your server and check, if he properly finds the dns record?

When I log onto the console:
. replaced with :

dig webmail:hestia:example:com [at]localhost
dig webmail:hestia:example:com [at]hestia:example:com
the system does not return an answer: It gives a blank A record:

dig webmail:hestia:example:com [at]1:1:1:1
returns the correct answer

when using
dig ns webmail:hestia:example:com
I get the answer ns5:hestia:example:com: root:hestia:example:com:
root:hestia:example:com is not in /home/admin/conf/dns/…db

Feel free to PM me and I’ll give you the actual names to make it easier.

Changed DNS to child-ns. All is working well.

same problem for me, but I am on Cloudflare and dig command is working fine from within server.
But Hestia refuses to find webmail.xxx.tld - so cannot get SSL.
Any tips?

Nevermind, it took a few hours, but finally done.

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