I have two issues and need some help

Good Evening, I need a little help. I am new to this, so please forgive me if I have missed this. I tried to look through the posts before I submitted this.

Issue 1: Hestia has been working flawlessly, and then last night, while I was working on a WordPress Site under one of my domains in Hestia, I could no longer access the control panel. All of my sites are still live, but I can’t access the panel when I go to server.domain.com:8083/login, which is my admin access point. when I attempt to go to it, the browser just spins, and nothing ever loads

Issue 2: I use Cloudflare to manage the actual websites I have in Hestia. So I have the websites created with WordPress and an SSL certificate here in Hestia, as well as mail setup through Hestia. If I set Cloudflare to flexible SSL, then I can access the webmail in Hestia webmail.domain.com, but I can’t access the website. If I set up the SSL to FULL in Cloudflare, I can access the site but not the webmail.

If you have Cloudflare enabled for server.domain.com change the port to 2083 via v-change-sys-port 2083

Issue 2:

Disable proxy for the moment → Enable Letsencrypt → and enable proxy again

Be ware you can’t use proxy with an email server…

Issue 1 could be fail2ban

Good Morning,

I have been able to fix the website working versus the webmail working.

The question that is left is why did my access to Hestia disappear and how do I get it back? All of my sites are still working fine, I just cant access hestia on my server.domain.com

If you have Cloudflare proxy enabled on server.domain.com access will be blocked by Cloudflare. Disable proxy for server.domain.com or change hestia port to 2083