In general about the panel

Hello everyone, I installed the panel for the test, and I really liked it, this is a more advanced version of VestaCP.

Apart from the above panel, Hestia CP will be very convenient for beginners, since almost all the necessary settings can be made through the web panel.

The presence of a file manager is also encouraging, but it would be nice if you could choose the language of this manager.

I would also like to see support in the Russian language, except that very few people know about the panel yet, but I am sure that this will change soon.

Please create an feature report.

Our “team” doesn’t speak Russian at all. Also by keeping it in English other users are easier to provide help

thanks for the kind words and happy if you like it.

sorry to break it to you, but no.

I recommend to be careful with setting wrong expectations here. HestiaCP is not made with beginners in mind but rather opposite. we want it to be a tool for professionals who know their way around a linux system even without a panel. it shall just make recurring tasks easier to handle but will require knowledge and understanding of how things work.

that said, we even think and will tell clearly that HestiaCP is going to be an inconvenient tool for beginners, because it probably lacks a lot of “magic features” other panels might offer to replace missing knowledge.
that is the trade off to be less invasive to the system and stay more customizable from an experienced administrators point of view. the simple GUI might suggest otherwise, but it is, what it is.

TL;DR; it is important to pick the right tool for the right use case and type of user. HestiaCP more likely is not the right one for beginners and we won’t handhold or support “issues” that clearly are based on missing basic linux knowledge :wink:

On the whole, i agree with your words.

Under the notion for beginners, i compared it to Vesta.

Those who understand what a web hosting control panel is, and what it is for, will use it. And whoever enters this environment, he will use regular hosting without bothering, because everything is ready and configured there.

yeah sadly a lot of blunt “support” request can be seen, where people come here stating ‘but in Vesta it did this or that’ and expecting Hestia to do the same. but for a lot of things it simply does not - because changes and improvements were made, despite looking similar.

and that is because we changed some approaches in the background and again: we expect people who (want to) use it to be a bit more knowledgable about the technical things below.

often enough the ‘issues’ especially beginners blame on Hestia do not even relate to it, but show that they do not understand what they are actually doing and have no clue how to debug anything.
HestiaCP does not setup or optimize your individual page/cms/shop/whatever. people tend to not understand but seem to expect that.

sorry for grinding on that topic, but I am doing that for a simple reason - setting the expectations straight from the beginning :wink:

no offense to anyone though. being a beginner is totally fine. Hestia is just rather not a good choice for beginners

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