Incorrect SFTP/SSH login


Not come across this issue before and we have a dozen or so servers running HestiaCP.

Fresh install Ubuntu 18 ec2 instance - HestiaCP 1.2.3 at AWS

admin or any user cannot login via sftp/ssh - says incorrect credentials, credentials not accepted

What i have tried:

  1. Change password
  2. Allow all traffic via security groups
  3. Stop Iptables
  4. No banned IPs in fail2ban
  5. Bash shell selected via user management

Amy ideas?


fixed by adding PasswordAuthentication yes to sshd config - never had to do this before


Since 1.2.0 Hestia has support for addig / mananging of “RSA/SSH keys” via Web UI and Hestia has no issue with running like this.

As we don’t change the default behaviour of the install there is no change of locking your self out.