Info please about noquota and vmail quota

i have kvm
with option noquota
should i enable the quota first before i install hestia
does email quota already calculate with hosting quota ?
so i have no worried for my future hosting client that use alot of email

Email is included

Databases are currently not included in the hard limit but are in the soft limit

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so it will still calculate on package quota ?
honestly, i dont understand about softlimit db and hardlimit db

can you explain more ?

glad to know this

then user package quota = vmail + /home/user + db

You have the “softlimit” where the user data + database is include

And a “hard” limit when you enforce the quota rules via special modules in the kernel that need to be enabled first.

In the last case only mail+ web data is accounted for.

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so the DB size are not calculate ?

you mean noquota option ?

forgive me… n00b here :d

There is an “quota” package in Debian by default:

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i will check this with ubuntu

and about this ??

Database quota is calculated and accounted for in the “User” data space

For example user “jaap” has a website

  • 1000mb large
  • 5 mail accounts each 100mb
  • 1 database 100 mb
  • +/- 100mb for Composer / cache
    Limit 2000mb and “quotas” are enabled:

The account usage is 1700mb

User wants to upload a file of “350MB”
As Database is not include the user can upload it fine without any issues

If the user will upload another file of 100 mb it will fail due to the quota is reached.

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understood sir. thankyou. so the quota calculation will work fine


this case

but its enough…

now i will deploy the vps…

hestia with ubuntu… ?
any suggestion the most stable ubuntu 20.04 or 22 ? (hestia best performa)

Ubuntu 22.04



Now Hestia Inside :slight_smile:

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