Install command generate wrong install options

When I run:

bash -w no -o yes -v no -j yes -s hosting.domain.tld -e [email protected] -p mypass -f yes

Hestia 1.0.1 warn me that following packages will be installed:

  • NGINX Web / Proxy Server
  • Apache Web Server (as backend)
  • PHP-FPM Application Server
  • Multi-PHP Environment
  • Bind DNS Server
  • Exim Mail Server + ClamAV + SpamAssassin
  • Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server
  • MariaDB Database Server
  • ProFTPD FTP Server
  • Firewall (Iptables) + Fail2Ban Access Monitor

My question is: Why PHP-FPM will be installed if this packege is not marked as default for installation?
I have also used the -w flag, so this package should not be installed.

Is it a bug?

I am using Debian 9.8 Stretch

Because multiphp runs with phpfpm, for this, fpm will be set back on yes.