Install missing services (exim - dovecot)

Dear all.

Once I had a server on SBG1 (OVH burned datacenter :unamused: ) and now I have no more…

I desperately migrated the web sites to another VPS with hestia, dedicated only to testing purpose.

But in that hestia installation I didn’t install the mail services (wasn’t needed), but of course now I need that services.

Is there a way to install exim and dovecot to that existing hestia installation (in the hestia way) without breaking everything? (I can’t face another disaster…).

Thank you in advance for your help. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Currently not, no. Atleast there is no easy way - you could still try to repeat the commands of the installer file but this will get complicated. Probaly you’re faster with reinstalling the server and hestia.

We will work on a modular function, where you can install or also remove every system part, like apache2, dns, mail and so on. But this will need a lot of time and there is no ETA.

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