Install nginX stable version

Hello, please help me, when I’ve set up new hestia cp with nginX its installed mainline / unstable version, when I’ve try to upgrade stable nginX version my website not working… :cry: :cry: :cry:
Is there any way to install stable nginX version?

Probaly remove /mainline from the apt package, run apt update and apt upgrade:

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i’ve used this method, but now my website not loading, showing invalid ssl…
when try to install new ssl this showing 404 error Screenshot (29)

Try nginx -t

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Then you need to proceed with further debugging on your own. We havent tested the change of the repo, which is the reason we can’t provide any support for it.

If you change it on your own, you should also be able to debug your system. Otherwise I suggest to revert the changes and install the mainline version.

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its fine with no error… :frowning:

ok… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Please check

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Mainline is not “unstable”

Note that stable does not mean more reliable or more bug‑free. In fact, the mainline is generally regarded as more reliable because we port all bug fixes to it, and not just critical fixes as for the stable branch. On the other hand, changes in the stable branch are very unlikely to affect third‑party modules. We don’t make the same commitment concerning the mainline, where new features can affect the operation of third‑party modules.

We recommend that in general you deploy the NGINX mainline branch at all times. The main reason to use the stable branch is that you are concerned about possible impacts of new features, such as incompatibility with third‑party modules or the inadvertent introduction of bugs in new features.


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