Installed but not able to access admin panel using domain / hostname

I have successfully managed to get Hestia installed, but am running into the problem of not being able to access the admin panel via the domain assigned as the hostname during install. The hostname in the case is: I suspect the problem is caused due to missing DNS record, but how can I add a new record for that hostname?

I mean, I installed then added a new user and added a new domain to the system.

So I have: as the domain for the standard user. And, for the admin the domain is

Am really struggling to get this working. Can someone on here please help.


Add a DNS record at your DNS provider. If it is the same hestia server add a DNS record to the DNS domain via add record

Eris, add the record to which domain? The on the web domain of the standard user?

Yes …

Thank you, much appreciated. God bless.

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