Installing Gibbon LMS on HestiaCP

On Cpanel, when I am uploading the gibbon file/folder on the root directory, than after it, i am browsing the uploaded directory on browser and it working (depend on the instruction below) :

This app is requiring :

  1. Apache 2 (with mod_rewrite)
  2. PHP 7.0 or above (with PDO, gettext, CURL, GD, ZIP. Recommended to turn display_errors off.)
  3. MySQL 5 (collation set to utf8_general_ci)

But when I am doing that step on HestiaCP, it won’t working . . Hope there are solution for this, thank you very much . .

are you getting an error message? if it is just showing the default page, remove index.html and try again.

It showing like this :

in that case, take a look at the log files.

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This aplication was in :

So, I put the Gibbon LMS file in ‘aplication’ folder inside public_html & the wordpress was installed on main domain ‘’.

We dont need to know the application you’re using. The webserver logs itself would be way more informativ about your issue. /home/user/domain/web/logs/

If I get a 500 error the first place I look is the .htaccess file. In particular, check for php_value statements and if you find any, you may have to move them to a .user.ini file instead.