Installing hestia behind firewall (private IP addresses)

We normally setup all of our severs behind firewall with private IP addresses and then do NAT to public ip addresses.

For example I just spin up a new Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS server and setup 3 private static IP addresses for example,, on this server and run the install script. All is fine to this step.

All of this IP addresses have translation on proper ports to public IP addresses for example,,

On server configuration I wanted to select for management but this does not work. I can only select,,

Note is our firewall public ip address.

I guess this is quite unusual setup. Is this supported or?

Our plan was to do (management) NAT (website 1) NAT (website 2) NAT

Thank you for your help!

It sounds that your NAT isnt configured properly, hestia takes the public ip address for configuring the services. In your case, all servers have probaly the public ipv4 address from your firewall.

You probaly need to adjust your NAT, so that each internal ip reflects to it external one. After thta, hestia should work properly.