Internet Access - Hestia in Oracle cloud

Hello everybody

Guys who are familiar with oracle cloud, I have created a Virtual Cloud Network with internet access then created my ubuntu 20.04 server and Hestia was successfully installed

To login to panel I added Ingress rule for port 8083, and then added rules for all the ports Hestia using.

  • Changed my domain DNS to the new server IP address
  • Created a new user and added the domain name with a DNS zone

But still the domain is not accessible from the interest, I know i should give time for DNZ to take effect

But am afraid am still not connected to the internet and need more configurations because Oracle cloud internet access is not easy to configure.

Please need your assistance

If you have created an DNS zone on the server you also need to modify the name severs at your provider for your domain name. Also make sure port 53 is open

Port 53 open tcp and udp ( added as ingress rule in oracle virtual cloud network )
Domain registered with namesilo and added child name servers with my server ip and created ns1 and ns2 as name servers on name silo
so which provider you mean, domain provider or server provider?

Now I created zone for my domain in Oracle cloud dashboard
and i got the result as Nameservers: as in the screen shot attached

Then added these name servers to namesilo domain registrar as in the image!
Then created the domain in hestia
then created DNS zone in hestia with the same name servers and TTL 86400
is this can be the right way?

According the Whois records the name servers point to:

Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

With Hestia we can’t control does name servers and you need to control the DNS records within Oracle envoirment

So according to the steps i made, that should work the right way?
Should i wait for DNZ changes to take effect?
And want make sure the server is open to public access for any domains created in Hestia

No according the steps above you need to manage the DNS in Oracle cloud “System”. Unless point to your server…

these name servers already created by the oracle system
Am just confused, better to use oracle system DNS hostnames and add them to my domain name servers
or better create child name servers using my server IP and use them ti create my own name servers
Which way can work best with hestia?

Those name servers are allready “Hosted” in the Oracle “System” and do not point to your server.

If you want to manage the domain you have to use the DSN software of Oracle.

If you want to use Hestia for DNS you need setup a name server + 2 DNS records that point to the name servers.

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