Iptables does not start after the server is restarted

Ubuntu 20 (and 18 also) + Hestia.
After restarting the server, iptables does not automatically start. You have to turn it on manually.

I found a solution to the problem somewhere:
In the /etc/init.d/hestia file, add the line
sudo /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-update-firewall
to the end before “exit 0”
We restart the server and everything works.

Is this the right decision? Why doesn’t hestia fix this bug?
There is a similar problem for VestaCP (Ubuntu 18 and 20).

We’re not able to reproduce that bug - iptables is up after reboot on our systems. We can’t fix what we can’t reproduce. Maybe you would like to share more informations about your system, os, if vps provider and so on.

This problem occurs on a clean Ubuntu 18 or 20 OS with Hestia installed (and VestaCP too). After a reboot, iptables does not start automatically. Even on a powerful dedic server.

I’ve got both, ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 systems and cant reproduce your issue. Some are on proxmox as lxc and kvm, some at hetzner cloud - I’m not able to reproduce at all - iptables is up after reboot.

@ScIT I think the issue is with OpenVZ. I have an OpenVZ VPS fro INIZ that is having this issue. It’s a production system, so unfortunately I can not provide you access to it. But I’m willing to help in debugging if you want. Though, in my opinion OpenVZ should not be used with Hestia at all. In that respect it might be pointless to debug.

Now I have installed hestiaCP on a clean Ubuntu 20. I rebooted “# reboot”. iptables did not start automatically.
VDS 2 core,40GB ssd, 8GB RAM

VDS = VPS = not plain Ubuntu please describe virtualisation method…

I know there are issues with OpenVZ so it will be appreciated to provide this kind of information

the hoster said that KVM is used