Is it necessary to keep DNS

Like the title says is it necessary to have DNS in the control if I am hosting my records on 1&1? There is no half and half of settings hosted on each side.

The reason I ask is because on the control panel when I put SSL (letsencrypt) on my domain it added that to the DNS. I have all my settings on my domain registrar so idk if its safe to delete the DNS in hestia.

There is no need for it, you can remove dns in hestia, if you use a external service for it.


I have:

  • a dedicated DNS server running hestia
  • Several web servers running hestia
  • One email server + DNS master running hestia.
    In the web servers bind9 is not even installed.

Hi jlguerrero,
you have the email server working with the web servers? I mean… if you want create a new mail account, it can be done in the web server or it must in the mail server? ( i suposse all servers are running Hestia)

I am interested in separating my websites from email accounts on different servers, but I would like users to be able to manage it from a single panel. I don’t know if that is currently possible.

In the case of the DNS server I already do it with a dedicated server running Hestia.

No, that’s not possible.

I have to provide access to two servers:

  1. Mail + DNS
  2. Web

That is currently not possible. As we don’t have the possibilities to connect over muliple server… And it is hard to implement. It would require an complete rewrite over the current code.

How ever you should be able to “create” you own “backpannel” And do it over the web api…

How ever development a lot of work

Hence there is no need for a rewrite.

@eris I understood, is not a trivial task.

When I added SSL it put a letsencrypt field in the DNS settings, should I put the letsencrypt DNS setting on my domain registrars DNS or not necessary.

Your web site will work even if you don’t put that CAA record in your registrar. For security reasons, it is advised to have it tough.

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