Issues installing HestiaCP on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi all, thank you for your great support.

I was trying to fix an old hestiacp installation cause the multi-php was not working as expected (e.g. no selection of the backnd in Server Settings).

While trying to avoid a full reinstall of the server, I thumbled in a blocking error due to the conflict between “sury” packages and this one got from the original focal repo:

While debugging the issue I found out som any packages coming from Sury’s that… and I fail to understand why:

ii libargon2-1:amd64 amd64 memory-hard hashing function - runtime library
ii libgd3:amd64 amd64 GD Graphics Library
ii libidn2-0:amd64 amd64 Internationalized domain names (IDNA2008/TR46) library
ii libpcre2-8-0:amd64 amd64 New Perl Compatible Regular Expression Library- 8 bit runtime files
ii libpcre3:amd64 amd64 Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - runtime files
ii libsodium23:amd64 amd64 Network communication, cryptography and signaturing library
ii libssl-dev:amd64 amd64 Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development files
ii libssl1.1:amd64 amd64 Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries
ii libxml2:amd64 amd64 GNOME XML library
ii libzip4:amd64 amd64 library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives (runtime)
ii openssl amd64 Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility

So finally my questions:

  • how to fix the dpkg error coming from the conflict between Sury packages and “libapache2-mod-rpaf” from the standard Focal repo.
  • Why I see unexpected and important software coming from sury ppa repo (e.g. openssl)?

Many Thanks!

Can you share the exact error output?

Because the sury repo provides more up to date version as the usual system repository, which may be needed from the php packages. I don’t see any risk to install this packages aswell.

Thanks for your Reply!

I got it working downgrading ( manually ) all the remaining airy packages that were impossible to uninstall with Apt (it would have removed pretty anything).

I’m a bit scared we rely on a ppa for so many packages, especially the most important on a server.

Maybe it is just an overreaction but… is it really necessary? I really like this CP but this part is a bit though to accept … :grinning:

Yes, otherwise we would need to drop the whole multiphp implementation. Sury is well known and trustable.

PPA is great way to get the latest builds for the things we want. Yes, one can have doubts since PPA operate outside our distro package repo’s but it is not always trade off between security and convenience.
As a good sysadmin you should be always on alert when dealing with PPA, but then again you should be on alert for the packages that come with your distro.

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